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* University of Exeter Diploma in Occupational Therapy (1991).
* Registered Occupational Therapist with Health and Social Care Professions Council.
* Post Graduate Certificate in Managing Health and Social Care.
* Member of the British Association of Brian Injury Case Managers(BABICM)
* Member of the British Association of Occupational Therapists


I have 26 years of experience in practice as an Occupational Therapist having initially worked with adults with physical disabilities / physical health needs across both the acute, rehabilitation, and community sectors within the NHS. I specialised in the field of Neurology for over 10 years and have extensive experience of working with adults with acquired neurological conditions from acute stages through to rehabilitation in the community. This includes working with individuals who have suffered a stroke, brain injury and have progressive neurological conditions.

I am a member of the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers

I prepare Civil Procedure compliant expert witness Occupational therapy reports for the Court covering a wide variety of complex injuries. The type of injuries I can report on include
* Traumatic Brain injury (Young Adults and Adults)
* Cerebral Palsy (Adult).
* Stroke.
* Progressive Neurological Diseases.
* Respiratory diseases / Mesothelioma / COAD / Pulmonary Embolism /Carcinoma.
* Palliative Care.
* Elderly care.
* Orthopaedic Injuries (Adult).
* Amputees (Adult).
* Spinal injuries all levels (Adult)

I moved into independent practice in 2013 as a case manager and started work as an expert witness in 2014. I prepare reports in both personal injury and Clinical negligence cases. I understand the litigation process and have undergone medico legal training and understand my duties under the Civil Procedure Rules pertaining to expert witnesses and Part 35. I have attended in conference with Counsel and have prepared joint reports.

I have worked with a mixed caseload in a community setting from palliative care through to enabling clients with long term conditions to optimise their function and improve their quality of life.

I have skills in the assessment of seating and 24 hour posture management for clients with highly complex physical needs, moving and handling, and have knowledge of a wide range of adaptive equipment and community resources. I can advise on the necessary interventions to enable individuals to manage the symptoms of their condition including relaxation, anxiety management, fatigue management and joint protection. I have experience of teaching and supporting others to learn and implement therapeutic programmes. I have developed skills normally undertaken by the local authority Occupational Therapists including minor adaptations and fixed/ specialist equipment provision. This includes access/ ramping and bathroom adaptations.

In addition to my expert witness work I also work as a case manager working with adults and children with a range of disabilities.