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Registered Mental Health Nurse


Clients: All of UK


Advanced Diploma in Mental Health Nursing (2003)

Royal College of Nursing

Postgraduate certificate in clinical supervision.

Master level credits in low intensity Psychosocial interventions for dual diagnosis.

Certificate in psychosocial interventions.

Degree level credits in dual diagnosis (mental health and substance misuse)


I qualified as a Mental Health Nurse in 2003 and have specialised in the field of adult mental health.

I provide expert witness reports for the Court on Mental Health Care and breach of duty. I understand my responsibilities under the Civil Procedure Rules pertaining to expert witnesses.

My specialist areas include:

* Dual diagnosis (substance misuse and mental health)
* Substance and alcohol detoxification and medication regimes.
* Acute mental health care.
* Forensic mental health care.
* Psychiatric intensive care.
* Psychiatric rehabilitation.
* Risk assessment.

I started my nursing career working within mental health rehabilitation. I worked within this area for around two years. This role consisted of enabling mental health clients to rehabilitate back into the community after long periods in forensic hospitals. My role included managing risks such as harm to themselves and others whilst encouraging integration into community.

I went on to work on a mental health intensive care unit. I worked here for around two years. Within this role I looked after seriously mentally unwell clients who were both a risk to themselves and others. I was regularly the nurse in charge of the ward, this role included safeguarding the clients, other staff and risk assessing whilst maintaining a therapeutic environment in order for recovery to take place.

I currently work within a substance misuse team. I have worked in this area for over nine years. Within this role I care for clients with substance misuse issues who also suffer with serious mental health issues such as psychosis, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders, and ADHD.

My role includes community detoxifications, substance substitute medication regimes, dual diagnosis psychosocial interventions, daily risk assessment and care/recovery planning.

I work closely with other services such as A and E liaison and community mental health teams.

I have developed and promoted co-operative relationships with multidisciplinary teams and agencies.

I have extensive experience in.

Risk assessment
Suicide risk assessment
Adult Safeguarding
Child safeguarding
Psychotic illness
Personality disorders
Substance misuse
Mood disorders
Dual diagnosis
Care planning
Recovery planning and implementation
Medication regimes and management.
Overdose prevention
Overdose risk planning
Compiling reports for family courts in relation to child protection.
Compiling reports and giving evidence for coroner's court.
Giving evidence and advice in the safeguarding of vulnerable adults

I attend training updates and seminars annually in order to maintain my professional development and specialist interest. These include:

Safeguarding children
Safeguarding adults
Mental health capacity act
DoLS (Deprivation of liberty safeguards)
ADHD and autism training
Medication compliance
Medication management
Dementia training
Risk assessment
Care planning
Mental health act training
Managing psychosis