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RN (Adult) BSc(Hons) Nursing


Clients: All of UK and Republic of Ireland


Registered Nurse (Adult) (2003)
Post Registration Certificate - Learning, Teaching and Assessing in Professional Practice (2007)
Advanced Trauma and Life Support (2008)
Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Member
Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Member


I have over 15 years nursing experience. My principle clinical experience is in Accident and Emergency and Medical Assessment Units. I have also worked for several nursing agencies both in the UK and Australia, in a wide range of care settings spanning long term rehabilitation units, private hospitals, and emergency care settings. My experience includes nursing management and patient resettlement from hospital.

I currently work as a Clinical Sister in a hospital Emergency Admissions Unit. I am responsible for my own group of patients in the short stay ward, ambulatory clinic, or the acute decision unit. I regularly take charge of the department ensuring the treatment and flow of patients continues effectively. I am also responsible for staff support and development and maintaining standards in the department relating to documentation and infection prevention and control.

In addition to my clinical nursing practice I provide expert witness reports in respect of Nursing Care and Breach of Duty.

I understand the role of an expert witness and my duties under the Civil Procedure Rules pertaining to experts and Part 35.

My areas of expertise include:

* Accident and Emergency
* Hospital Admissions
* Venipuncture and Cannulation
* Tracheostomy Care
* Wound Care
* Urethral Catheterisation
* Patient Resettlement
* Hospital capacity management

I regularly attend training to maintain and progress my professional development. I have attended expert witness training.