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Clients: All of UK


Registered General Nurse (1979)
Registered Health Visitor (1982)
BA (Hons) Health Studies (1995)
Diploma in Asthma Care (1999)
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease [COPD] Diploma (2002)
Independent Nurse Prescriber (2004)
MSc Advancing Clinical Practice [Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care] (2006)
Member of the Royal College of Nursing
Member of the Nursing & Midwifery Council
Care Quality Commission (CQC) Specialist Nurse Advisor


I qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1979 and as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in 2006. I have worked in the community since 1982 in various different roles and have wide experience of community and primary care nursing.

My current clinical role is as a GP Practice Nurse.

Between 2004 and April 2018 I worked as a Community Matron. This role included working clinically as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and providing clinical leadership to District Nursing teams.

In addition to my current clinical role I provide expert witness reports on Nursing Care and Breach of Duty. I understand my responsibilities under the Civil Procedure Rules pertaining to expert witnesses.

My specialist areas include:

* Community Care
* Respiratory Disease - COPD and Asthma
* Nurse Prescribing / Drug Errors
* Elderly Care including Frailty, Dementia and Hospital Discharge
* Pressure Ulcers
* Falls Prevention
* GP Practice Nursing

My current role involves managing clients with long term conditions (COPD, asthma & diabetes), ensuring their care is optimised according to current NICE and local CCG guidelines; and managing clients with minor illnesses such as chest infections, acute asthma, cellulitis and urinary tract infections. It also includes the full range of Practice Nurse clinic duties including childhood immunisations, travel vaccinations, contraception, cervical cytology screening, wound care, ear care, ECGs and spirometry.

My role as a Community Matron involved working as a Case Manager with clients who had complex long-term conditions including COPD, diabetes, heart failure, dementia and frailty, to improve their quality of life and reduce inappropriate hospital admissions. As an Advanced Nurse Practitioner I provided clinical care to proactively manage their long term conditions, managed acute episodes of illness and prescribed and reviewed medication when required. I educated clients to help them self-manage their symptoms and worked across professional and organisational boundaries to coordinate their care and ensure that their medical, nursing and social needs were met. I also supported clients through the palliative stages of their disease and assisted with advance care planning.

The role also included working closely with the hospital to identify clients who attended the emergency department who could be managed at home by a Community Matron and therefore avoid hospital admission, as well as clients with long term conditions who were discharged from the ward but would benefit from a Community Matron's support on return home.

I was part of a small team that established the Community Matron service for our geographical area and developed the District Nursing teams to take on management of clients with long term conditions. I was a clinical lead for Community Nurses, ensuring that clients received a high standard of nursing care. I actively contributed to the clinical development needs within the service, had joint responsibility for documentation training and audit, carried out the role of investigation officer for service complaints and worked as a Clinical Reviewer with the West Midlands Quality Review Service.

I am also a Specialist Advisor with the Care Quality Commission and periodically participate in CQC inspections as a clinical expert to inform the inspection process.

My earlier nursing experience includes working as a Health Visitor for three NHS Trusts over a period of 16 years (1982- 1998) and as a GP Practice Nurse (1998- 2002).

For approximately 30 years (up to 2015) I was a Nursing Officer in the Medical Services with the Army Reserves and had deployments in a primary health care role to Iraq, The Gambia and Kenya. These deployments included working as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, managing a Primary Care Centre, responsibility for clinical governance, providing medical support to an Army training team and providing medical health care and health promotion to rural communities in Africa.

I attend regular training updates and seminars in order to maintain my professional development and specialist interests.