Maggie Sargent & Associates can provide reports that are objective, independent, robust, and fully CPR compliant following a home visit to the instructing solicitor's client. Our experts will visit clients nationwide during the day, in the evenings, or at weekends for the client's convenience.  We can also provide desk-top reports.

We can prepare reports on each client's individual needs and can support them throughout the litigation process.

All our experts are prepared to travel nationwide to attend conferences, joint meetings, and to give evidence in court should the case proceed.

Maggie Sargent & Associates offer regular in-house training days throughout the year.

See Quantum update from James Rowley QC

Maggie Sargent & Associates' experts are fully qualified in preparing liability reports, initial screening reports, and full breach of duty reports.  We cover a range of experience from District Nursing to Tissue Viability Expertise.