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Qualified physiotherapist having trained in Birmingham and graduated in 1991
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Registration PH50668
Health Professions Council
Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists
Certificate in Management Studies CIM


I am a state registered Physiotherapist and have over 25 years experience working as a paediatric Neuro-Physiotherapist.

I am a member of the Association of Paediatric Physiotherapists.

I prepare expert reports in respect of the physiotherapy needs of children with severe and complex neurological disabilities to help the Court assess damages.

I assess and report on a variety of severe and complex disabilities including the physical needs of children who have an acquired impairment or disability including Cerebral Palsy as a result of birth trauma, Erbs palsy, developmental delay, chromosomal abnormalities and degenerative conditions, brain and spinal injuries, brain and spinal tumours. I have extensive experience in therapeutic and postural management, equipment, static and wheelchair seating, and orthotic provision for children with neurological conditions. I also have experience in the treatment of children with social communication disorders and associated neurological conditions that are challenging to work with due to their behaviour.

I prepare reports that describe and quantify the level of physiotherapy treatment required and identify and recommend provisions to meet equipment needs.

I started my general practice as a Physiotherapist within the NHS. I then went to The Royal London Hospital to gain experience in acute paediatrics and then community based within children’s own homes and school.

I later moved into the charitable sector working as Head of Physiotherapy for The Children’s Trust, Tadworth (TCT) for ten years with children with acquired brain and spinal injuries and alongside children with complex developmental delays who attended for respite or to attend The School for Profound Disability onsite.

Following on from my work at TCT, I moved to St George’s Healthcare Trust as Head of Special Schools and Professional Lead for paediatric physiotherapy and then as Head of Children’s therapies before leaving in 2013 to work solely outside of the NHS.

My specialist interest is children with complex disabilities. I maintain my clinical experience working as a case manager, actively managing clients requiring highly complex care and therapy provision and also as an independent treating therapist. I am also a clinical supervisor for a group of educational sites that provide education and therapy to young adults with profound disability throughout the South-East (Orchard Hill College).

I have worked within private paediatric physiotherapy for the last 16 years, working with clients with a variety of neurological disabilities, many of whom I have worked with for the whole of that period. I provide both hands-on therapy and reports for health or education, particularly in complex cases where there may be a tribunal or educational statement. I have a high level of hands-on clinical expertise through working intensively with clients to achieve physical and functional goals.

Within my hands-on interventions I also utilise serial casting, hydrotherapy, and hippotherapy to support clients to achieve their physical best.

Prior to and since working as an expert witness and case manager, I have worked with a variety of health and social care professionals and have accumulated a good knowledge of the holistic care required to support clients. I have also managed therapists working in social services and have thereby gained a good level of knowledge of statutory provisions and equipment.

I am committed to providing comprehensive reports to my clients and ensure that they are enabled to lead a high quality of life .

Since qualifying, I have strived to continually learn as much as possible about a wide variety of conditions, services and equipment to ensure that my clients receive the best possible care. I take pride in my extensive knowledge and ensuring that it is up to date. I have undertaken expert witness training in the medico-legal process, which most recently has included updated training in excellence in report writing and giving evidence in 2016. I have an ongoing commitment to regular attendance at relevant seminars and conferences to maintain and update my expertise.

I understand my duties as an expert witness under Part 35 of The Civil Procedure

I am happy to travel to any parts of the country to provide reports.

I am efficient in the production of reports and can work happily to deadlines.

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