Jane Bradshaw


Breach of Duty, General Nursing Neurology Non-medical prescriber Pressure Sores Tissue Viability


Registered General Nurse
Queens Nurse
Neurology Nurse Specialist
Specialist in continence care and pain management
Independent non-medical prescriber
Committee member for the Quality Standards Committee at NICE
Executive committee member of the Primary Care & Community
Neurology Society, providing education, training and development of
services for people with a neurological condition
Contributor to the Multiple Sclerosis Society and Motor Neuron
Disease Association
Member of the Royal College of Nursing
Member of BABICM

1.    Nursing and Midwifery Council

2.    Royal College of Nursing

3.    Queen’s Nurse Institute

4.    British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

5.    Primary Care and Community Neurology Society



I am a senior nurse with over 28 years’ experience in neurosciences. I have set up, developed and manged a community based service for patients with a neurological condition. I am currently practicing as an Independent Neurology Nurse Consultant and non – medical prescriber. I have considerable experience in providing nursing care to patients in the community who have complex neurological conditions from diagnosis to palliative care. This includes a wide variety of symptom control and prevention of complications, such as falls, pressure ulcers and pain.

I have experience of managing a multidisciplinary team and developing that team to ensure that the needs of the patients are met.

In my role as a Neurological Nurse Consultant, I hold a case load of patients with a variety of complex problems. I can provide symptom management and treatment, review of the condition and co-ordination with other health professionals to provide a holistic package of care.

During my work in the community, I was awarded the title of Queen’s Nurse for my work with those affected by a neurological condition. This is a great honour and I value the ethos of the QNI in maintaining a high standard of good quality care to all y patients and clients.

I am a nurse expert witness and have seven years’ experience writing a wide variety of medico-legal reports for both defendants and claimants. I have written liability, care and prognosis, quantum and needs based assessments. From this work I have a sound understanding of the medico-legal process. I have actively participated in the CHC process from check list to appeal. I have a sound understanding of completing assessments for a variety of statuary services and benefits. I have also participated in high level discussions and meetings with regard to the provision of care services.

My areas of specialist interest include wound care, pressure area care and falls. I have a sound knowledge of assessing these particular issues and have taken a keen interest in maintaining my knowledge through online webinars and literature reviews.

Having worked with NICE and NHS England, I have a sound understanding of policy development and implementation.

More recently, I have undertaken an active role in the Primary British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, the Brain and Spine Foundation and provided education on a variety of neurological topics.

As a case manager I am keen to provide an excellent standard of care and support to my clients.











































































































































  Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd

My role is Specialist Nurse. The role is to provide ongoing support to patients with Parkinson’s disease receiving Apo-go Therapy. This requires receiving referrals form health professionals and initiating the treatment. Once treatment is started, the role is to provide education, training and advice to the patient, their family and carers to ensure that the therapy is consistent and maintained with regular reviews.




Capita Ltd

I am employed as a Disability Assessor

This role involves assessing claimants against the criteria set by the Department of Work and Pensions for Personal Independence Payment. This role involves both face to face and telephone assessments with individuals who have a mental health, physical or learning disability and to ensure that they have a fare and measured assessment, whilst treating them as an individual. The work is required to a very high standard in all report writing and claimant contacts.



Maggie Sargent and Associates


I work as a Nurse Expert Witness. This involves evaluating medical and nursing records and formulating a detailed report for clinical negligence and personal injury for neurosciences and general nursing. I am able to complete reports for both Defendant and Claimant cases for various needs such as care and prognosis, future care, quantum and liability. The reports are all part 35 complaint and intended to inform the court. All reports are required to be detailed and accurate. Alongside Neurosciences, I have a particular specialist interest in pain management, falls prevention, pressure area care and continence. I have completed many reports on cases of this nature.


Community Case Management Services Ltd


I was employed as a treating professional/neurology nurse specialist to provide advice, guidance, treatment options and liaison to clients who have experienced a traumatic brain injury. In addition, I provide professional support to case managers in the development of care packages, treatment options and support any aspect of the client’s care. This involves liaising with statutory services such as DWP, PIP, CHC, Social Services and taking part in the assessment of other such needs and services.





Apex Health Associates Ltd


I worked with Apex Health Associates Ltd as a Nurse Expert Witness from July 2016. I have completed numerous short advisory reports, breach of duty reports, care and prognosis and quantum for both Claimant and Defendant for General Nursing Care and Neurosciences. My area of specialist interest alongside neuroscience is falls and pressure area care, of which I have completed numerous reports.





Apex Health Associates Ltd


I was appointed Head of Practice and Director to oversee the smooth running of the office processes and to ensure that all aspects of the business were managed accordingly. This included business development, staff management and recruitment. I also had responsibility for all the case work in the business and ensuring that a high standard was maintained in every aspect. This also involved ensuring that all nursing staff employed by the business were registered and fulfilling their obligation to the court. I also provided training to new nurses on the role of the nurse expert and actively supported clients and law firms to find the most suitable expert.




2015 Present   Independent Neurology Nurse Consultant


Since leaving the NHS, I have set up my own Private Practice for patients with a neurological condition. I provide specialist advice, support, management and treatment of neurological conditions. This includes symptom management, medication review and prescribing. As part of my role, I can provide expert input into CHC, DWP, PIP and other statutory services and benefits. I also provide education and training on Neurological conditions and service development and re-design. I am trained in the management of continence, pain and non-medical prescribing and have continued to enhance my professional practice by attending conferences and taking part in online forums. I have a specialist interest in Pressure Sore prevention and Falls management.



2004 Present   Primary Care Neurology Society


I have been a member of the steering group since 2004. In 2013 I took the position of Secretary to the organisation. I am actively involved in the development of neurological services, advice and support to health professionals. I have been involved in projects for NHS England and other Neurological Charities looking at ways to work more collaboratively. I have a specialist interest in palliative care for non-cancer and have represented the organisation at events to support neurological conditions.



2013 2018   NICE


Standing Member of the Quality Standards Committee.


This role involved assisting in the development and review of Quality Standards at NICE and ensuring that all aspects are covered fully, and nothing is omitted. I was particularly involved with the Falls and Pressure Area Care



2016 Present   MS Society UK


I am a member of the Medical and Research Expert panel for policy development.


2016 2018   St Ivo school – St Ives

Anglia Ruskin University – Cambridge


Exams Invigilator


This role is to ensure that all examinations are conducted under strict conditions as set by the exam boards and that all candidates have equal and consistent assess as needed to complete their exams.


2004 2015   Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust (West)


Lead Nurse Specialist in Neurology Band 7


I was responsible for the safe and effective delivery of specialist neurological nursing service in West Norfolk. I was responsible for the development and expansion of the Neurology Team to provide a dedicated specialist multidisciplinary service. In addition, I provided an education service to other health professionals, social services and to the Medical School. During this time, I successfully led two CQUIN projects as well as service improvements in line with new guidelines and trust policy. I also provided direct patient care to our client group. This involved setting up nurse led clinics in the acute hospital, community settings and also seeing patients in their own homes or places of work. This also included providing input into DWP, PIP, CHC and other statutory benefits and services. I was also responsible for maintaining the local links with other Specialist hospitals providing disease modifying treatments and ensuring that all patient data was fed to them in a timely and effective manner as part of the ongoing regional monitoring system.



2001 2004   Norfolk PCT


Multiple Sclerosis Nurse Specialist H grade/band 7


This was a new role within the Trust. My main responsibility was to develop a new service for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis in the community. I worked extensively with the Neurologists and the GP practices across West Norfolk to establish the level of need and design a safe and effective service. The service was very successful and served over 400 patients in the first three years.



1996 2001   SCA Hygiene Products Ltd


Nurse advisor/Regional account manager East of England


SCA Hygiene, manufactured and distributed adult incontinence products. My role was to provide educational support to customers (Nurses, Hospitals, Care Homes and other healthcare settings) in the form of Continence Education and Product selection and monitoring. As Regional Manager I was responsible for account monitoring and financial management.



1993 1996   Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge


Staff Nurse / Snr Staff Nurse / Deputy Sister

Neurology Ward


I worked as part of the Nursing Team caring for Neurological and Neurosurgical inpatients, requiring specialist nursing care for medical and surgical interventions.  During my time on the ward I progressed to Deputy Sister, taking on more responsibility for staff development and management as well as completing specialist training. I managed the ward on a day to day basis to ensure high quality effective care.


1989 1993   Cambridge and Huntingdon Dept. Nurse Education


Registered General Nurse Training





1982 to 1989 Kesteven and Grantham Girls School 7 O levels

2 A Levels





2012 Queen’s Nurse Institute Awarded the Title of Queen’s Nurse for my work in the Community with people with neurological problems.
2010-2011 Norfolk Community Health and Care Courses on: Recruitment and Selection; Root Cause Analysis; Managing Sickness and Absence; Critical Incident Training; Risk Assessment.
2008 University of East Anglia- Cambridge Diploma in Pain Management in Clinical Practice.
2005 University of East Anglia- Kings Lynn Independent Non-Medical Prescribing
2004 Norfolk PCT Business and Staff Development
2003 Norfolk PCT PD Specialist Course
2001 Norfolk PCT MS Specialist Course
1997 SCA Hygiene Products Sales and Marketing Skills Course
1996 Peterborough Dept. Nurse Education ENB Continence Nursing in Clinical Practice
1994/5 Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge ENB Neurological and Neurosurgical Nursing
1993 Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge ENB Teaching and Assessing in Clinical Practice





ACNR Magazine 2009, September The Correlation between fatigue, depression and cognition in Multiple Sclerosis.  
MS; Fast Facts 2015 Review / critique and quote for Back Cover  
MS; Fast Facts 2016 Review / critique and quote for back cover







2002 ABPI Conference Washington DC USA
2003 MS Trust Conference Harrogate UK
2005 Biogen Idec Nurses Meeting Prague, Czech Republic
2006 International Nurses Meeting for Neurosciences Copenhagen, Denmark
2006 P-CNS Annual Conference London UK
2006 ABN Conference London UK
2009 Pain Management Symposium London UK
2010 Parkinson’s and Mental Health Norwich UK
2010 Prescribing in Primary care (NHS Norfolk) Norwich UK
2011 Neurosciences Care and Treatment Update Cambridge UK
2012 Neurology in Primary Care Kings Lynn UK
2014 NICE annual conference Birmingham UK
2015 NICE annual conference Liverpool UK
2016 Community Care and Commissioning Conference Birmingham UK




Therapy Expo


Best practice in Nursing

Wound Care

Birmingham UK

Birmingham UK

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Birmingham UK

2018                            NAIDEX/Care Homes          Birmingham UK

2018                            Neuro Congress                   London UK

2019                            Care Home and Dementia   Birmingham UK

2019                            AVMA Conference                 Leeds, UK

2019                            Wound Care                           Birmingham UK

2019                            Best Practice in Nursing         Birmingham UK



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