Zuben Montgomery


Breach of Duty, Community Nursing Continuing Health Care Assessments Tissue Viability


Registered General Nurse (1994)

District Nurse (1991)

Supplementary Prescribing (1999)

Professional Practice in Community Nursing BSc (Hons) (1999) Higher Award

Case Management (Discreet Module M Level 2007)

Advance Physical Assessment with Differential Diagnosis (Discreet Module M Level


Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding 2017 – Best Interest Assessor

Full Member of the Royal College of Nursing

Member of the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers (BABICM).

I am a Registered General Nurse with over 30 years’ experience working with both adults and children. I am also a qualified District Nurse and an Advanced Nurse Practitioner/Community Matron.

I have extensive experience working with individuals who have a range of complex health conditions and disabilities, including brain and spinal injuries.

In December 2019, I was working as a Case Manager part-time for Continuing Health Care for East Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCGs) NHS Trust. Since June 2018, I’ve worked as an Independent litigation Case Manager to date. I also practice as an Independent Best Interest Assessor.

In addition to my clinical role, I prepare Civil Procedure Compliant nursing expert witness reports on Nursing Care and I understand my duties as an expert witness and part 35 of The Civil Procedure Rules.

The type of injuries I can report on include:

Brain Injury

Spinal Injury

District and Community Nursing

Wound Care

Neurological Conditions

Elderly Care


Palliative Care

Respiratory Disease

Adult Safeguarding

Continuing Health Care Complex Care Needs

Mental Capacity

Breach of Duty and Causation.

In my previous role as a Continuing Health Care (CHC) Case Manager, I was involved in case management of complex cases, assessment, reviews, personal health budgets, and appeals, in addition to setting bespoke care packages.

I have and still do organise, facilitate, and chair Multidisciplinary Team Meetings for discharge planning and to address multiple issues in complex care

packages. My previous role involved the development of safe, equitable, robust, and sustainable care packages for patients meeting NHS Funded, Continuing Health Care (CHC) eligibility, and Case Management eligibility. This also includes other responsibilities such as providing expert advice, information, and support to social care staff, patients, and their families; provide support in developing inter-agency, inter CCG, and local partnership working to ensure high standards of client care and to set up education bespoke training, and advice to multi-professional practitioners regarding NHS Continuing Care as required.

Prior to this I have worked as a District Nurse Sister, clinical lead for a district nurse service, Community Matron, and Advance Nurse Practitioner role, case managing varied complex cases including aspects of clinical interventions and care of patients/bespoke equipment. This included equipment such as wheelchairs/electric beds, care plans, risk assessments, and managing a team of community nurses. I have worked alongside specialist health and medical professionals/provision of evidence-based services and have led audits.

During my career I have gained considerable experience and expertise in sourcing, coordinating, and implementing effective delivery of care to individuals with complex health conditions ensuring all their activities of daily living/physical/psychological (mental)/social/ health, medical needs, safety, and welfare are met.

I am an approved Deprivation of Liberty (DOL) Best Interests Assessor (BIA). I carried out assessments for East Sussex Adult Social Care DOL’s team up till December 2019. I now work as an Independent BIA and I attend the yearly DOL’s Legal update. The last one I attended, was in August 2019.

I regularly undertake appropriate training to ensure that my skills and knowledge are current and to maintain my professional development.

My current role as an Independent Case Manager, is similar to my CHC role, except that the role has extended to include litigation cases under Rehab Code and with the element of the claim process for court settlement. My extended role includes some of the following:

  • An understanding of the complexities of the legal system and compensation claims for both personal injury and medical negligence.
  • An understanding of the litigation process- underpinning knowledge and understanding of how the litigation process works.
  • Continue to learn the role of the litigation solicitor / Barrister / Silk / QC / Counsel.
  • As an experienced Case Manager, be an advocate and have a duty of care to client and maintain the standards of NMC and RCN.
  • Able to identify and need for input from the following disciplines: Neuro-Physiotherapy Speech Language / OT / Neuropsychology / Dietician and Nutritionist.
  • Effective communicator with the quality of people skills.
  • Organising and facilitating Multidisciplinary Team Meeting.
  • Write CM report / Immediate Needs Assessment (INA) / Action plans progress and outcomes.




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